Rebound Research - FAQ for customer satisfaction

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • What if I already know what my customers think?

Businesses which believe they already know what their customers think cannot compete seriously in today's competitive climate. Customers are fickle. Their needs and desires are constantly changing and you need to be changing with them.

  • What if my customers keep coming back and are already satisfied?

You may have repeat business from satisfied or even some dissatisfied customers, however these customers are not completely satisfied nor are they loyal. As soon as a more favourable competitor becomes available to them, you may lose them instantly.

  • What if we already conduct our own internal research?

There are several problems with internal research. These mainly include lack of time, but more often, lack of skill to conduct it properly. Even in larger companies with a dedicated and skilful research manager, the results are often skewed due to lack of confidentiality and the fact that the researcher is 'too close' to the business to design and manage an objective study.

  • Why should I use Rebound Research?

- Specialises in customer satisfaction research.
- Fully customises each project to meet your needs.
- Partners the very best and most professional fieldwork organisations.
- Uses the most up to date and advanced technology.
- Is competitively priced.
- Provides a presentation of the final report and a period of post-study consultancy free of charge.

  • What if I do not have email contacts or phone numbers for my customers?

In the event of not being able to email or phone your customers, a survey can be run online (your site or ours) or surveys can be distributed and self-completed with pen and paper. Rebound Research partners the very best and most professional online survey companies, telemarketers and data entry consultants. Whichever the methodology, quality is assured!

  • Are there any rules or regulations when contacting my customers?

Rebound Research is bound by the quality standards of the Market Research Society of Australia.

  • How long will a project generally take?

A study will generally take four to six weeks from commission of the study to delivery of the final report. This varies based upon the methodology implemented, sample size applied and level of analyses requested.

  • How much will a research study cost?

Cost varies and is largely dependent upon methodology, sample size and depth of analyses. Please contact Rebound Research or simply fill out our online enquiry form for more information.