Rebound Research's Products and Services for customer satisfaction

Whilst Rebound Research specialises in customer satisfaction research, professional services are also offered in employee attitude studies, product testing & new product development, pricing & promotions research and brand health. In addition to these quantitative services, group moderation & qualitative reporting, mystery shopping and website evaluation are also available.

All services are fully customised to meet your requirements.

Key features of our core service line, customer satisfaction research, include:

  • Fully customised surveys.

  • Most surveys are conducted online, where telephone surveys are implemented when necessary. The most appropriate methodology is applied to suit you and to guarantee the best possible response rate from your customers.

  • Standard analysis includes frequency counts, cross tabulations, significance testing and importance versus performance. More complex analysis, such as factor, cluster, conjoint and quadrant analyses are available where relevant and at request.

  • Just some of the many valuable findings include:
    • Who your customers and potential customers are.
    • Levels of awareness and usage across each of your products & services.
    • Factors which are most important to them.
    • How well you are delivering in those areas.
    • Whether prices are consistent with what buyers view as the product's value.
    • Whether your advertising and promotional programs are working.
    • How well your satisfaction ratings compare to those of your competitor's and against industry benchmarks.

  • The final comprehensive written report provides clear interpretations, exhaustive conclusions and actionable recommendations.

  • A full debrief presentation of the final report is provided at no cost.

For more information on all of our products and services contact us.